Finance Simplified.

Clear Ledger makes paying simple. Any company has the ability to schedule and pay to different crypto wallets quickly, easily, and affordably.

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Clear Ledger requires multiple-user authentication for bulk payments so no single user is responsible for sending large quantities of crypto

Clear Ledger includes wallet insurance to protect against fraud and hacking

Sending and receiving crypto is easy to track as you can label receive addresses with up to two labels to identify the source of the crypto

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SEAMLESS Integration

Clear Ledger seamlessly integrates with client backoffice systems through API integration, streamlining the payment process. With this integration, payments can be effortlessly sent directly to Clear Ledger, while transaction details are efficiently returned to the client's backoffice. Clear Ledger offers comprehensive API integration, empowering businesses to receive and track payments with ease.


Clear Ledger includes an invoicing tool for sending email invoices to collect cryptocurrency owed. Invoices can be tracked, resent, recurring, canceled.

Clear Ledger has a contact management system so you can store the wallet addresses of people you send crypto to and the email addresses of people you send invoices to.

Clear Ledger has enterprise-style accounts so one account can have multiple users with different permissions. Families or businesses can have one account with many users and with multiple different wallets.

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